If you are determined to dress, these eight items are easy to design

If you are determined to dress, these eight items are easy to design

If you are determined to dress, these eight items are easy to design

After a few weeks of wearing wool and old pajamas, modernism quickly faded. This week, I will get dressed properly and leave leggings to one side. But wearing a beautiful dress can feel a lot more when you dress up to go to the next room. Comfortable clothes, however, shouldn’t be centered around Lycra. The eight elements below are easy to design and will not make you feel ridiculous when wearing them at home. The key here is to look for loose and loose silhouettes, pay close attention to fabrics, preferring linens, knitwear, and cotton.

These throwing outfits are suitable for work, watching the Tiger King or Houseparty Contest. Personally, I plan on wearing large linen shirts, slip skirts, and short dresses. Buying new items is not a realistic option for many of us now, and many of these are classic items you will likely find in your wardrobe.

Keep scrolling to see the eight items that are really easy to style right now.

1. Midi skirts

Style 1: Wear it with an oversize shirt like Monikh or any other t-shirt style.

2. Shirt

Style 2: This is a winning work from home. Wear it with jeans, pants or a skirt.

3. Printed blouse

Style 3: Choose a colored blouse or a fun print, and keep the rest simple.

4. Buttons

Style 4: Wear it with a shirt or something under it for a Parisian look.

5. Jumpsuits

Style 5: This is the easiest to lay off, especially now as shoes aren’t necessary, as they are one-piece outfits.

6. Dress throw

Style 6: As temperatures increase, we’ll live in throw dresses. Think of it as an elegant nightgown.

7. Knitted sweater

Style 7: Knitted jackets look elegant on their own or pair with a matching jacket or layers over a shirt.

8. Chunky sandals

Style 8: Shoes are not entirely necessary at home, but these comfortable sandals are close to slippers.

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