Celebrity designers think these three photos are really special

Celebrity designers think these three photos are really special

Celebrity designers think these three photos are really special

It’s safe to say that celebrity designers know a thing or two about photographs well. Their clients attend the world’s most glamorous and intense events, and only they can work to ensure that their customers look good. So if anyone trusts the ideas of a photogenic outfit, he is a celebrity fashion designer. I noticed that three outfit designers in all areas seem to agree on it, and they see how they each wear their customers frequently. Each apparel collection looks great in photos, easy to recreate, and gets in the right direction for 2020. From Hailey Bieber to Ciara, below, she featured three fashion designers who breathe with a group of celebrities.

Regular blazer + textured pants

Hailey Bieber fashion designer and Mimi Cuttrell designer agree that the blend of bulky blazer and tight pants makes the photo great. The soft sheen of fine-fitting trousers (whether leather, vinyl or envelope) beautifully grips light, and the bulky dimensions at the top emit a great look. The best part of this view is that it cannot be easily repeated.

Monochrome dress

Ciara’s designer, Maeve Reilly, Selena Gomez Kate Young, and Ashley Graham’s Jordan Foster combine in monochrome. Dressing in bits of the same color group creates an elegant and rich look perfect as stepping in front of the camera.

Sukilynn Photography

Long sleeve dress + knee-high boots

Selena Gomez and fashion designer Marg Robbie, designer Kate Young, and designer Gigi Hadid, designer Mimi Cottrell endorsed an elegant blend of the long-sleeved dress with knee-high boots. The glittering silhouette of a long-sleeved dress creates movement in front of the cameras, while knee-high boots add polish to the outfit.

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