Style Notes: Top 5 times Ayza Khan’s style stole the show!

Style Notes: Top 5 times Ayza Khan’s style stole the show!

Style Notes: Top 5 times Ayza Khan’s style stole the show!

Not surprisingly, this amazing beauty caught our attention this week! From filling televisions all over the country with her talent to highlighting clothing brands with their antique beauty, Haja Khan Ayna Khan! Scroll down to check out our top five favorite looks!

She looks like an absolute vision in an elegant and elegant black dress of generosity. Ayza Khan pulls a full look! Designed by Anila Mortada.

This hair though! We absolutely love the fun side of it, in the AK Galleria mint green jacket. This image by Akef Elias serves some of the main objectives! Designed by Anila Mortada.

Now that’s what she calls elegance! From those sunny sayings to the Sphere bag, Aziza Khan brings some classic feel to this picture of her on Eid. The Ansar Jahangir group is only sprayed with the right amount of traditional feelings! Designed by Anila Mortada.

If someone caught her while riding Vespa in her latest Vespa Girl, then she fell into this colorful and fun look that I spotted all the time! We totally love that custom jacket from Pakistan Beats! Designed by Anila Mortada.

Nothing looks like a classic chic white outfit that radiates traditional and exquisite beauty. Ayza Khan chooses a simple and elegant look on one day of Eid and adorns it with distinctive earrings of Bukhari accessories. Designed by Anila Mortada.

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