The Gossip Girl Is Running – Here Are Dream Costume Options

The Gossip Girl Is Running – Here Are Dream Costume Options

The Gossip Girl Is Running – Here Are Dream Costume Options

Hey, Upper Eastersiders – Do you remember the gossip girl? Famous drama in the late 1920s, as teenagers, ventured all over New York City, behaving like adults and dressing up in designer clothes? Well, the series is set to return this summer, as HBO Max is said to have a reboot in the works.

While we, of course, hope that the new series contains many dramatic schemes like the original, we are equally excited to see what the new collection of Gossip Girl fashion will look like. Will there be a new Queen B that will be showcasing its distinctive patterned hair accessories? Would someone fill the crater that looks like Serena van der Woodsen in our lives by offering a large selection of inspiration from Boho Chic fashion?

Between Blair Waldorf and best friend, Serena, the original repetition of Gossip Girl served as an ambitious mood painting of sorts, containing a set of clothes we loved but would likely not have had the opportunity to wear. Although the characters attended the elite private school on the upper east side of New York, they happened to have the most relaxed uniform policy I’ve ever seen, while allowing every student to add their own taste and accessories to their school clothes.

So what will your Gossip Girl costume look like in 2020? We have bets on a mix of Chanel skirt suits, OTT’s embroidered Miu Miu buttons and buttons, Dior-inspired school uniforms (which feature lots of patterned) and a few ready-made Prada pieces that are thrown for a good fit.

We may not see Blake Lively or Leighton Meester come back, but we are quite certain that the new generation will be creative. Keep scrolling to our fantasy dream list to restart the new Gossip Girl.

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